Our Clients Love Us!

“I've only been training with Brian for 7 weeks and the changes I've seen in my body are amazing. I lost 60lbs several years ago, and I've maintained it just fine. I was looking to take my workouts to the next level and start weight training. I met with Brian and discussed my goals, and he set me up with an easy to follow meal plan and an awesome weight training routine that we do 3x per week. Brian is very encouraging and motivating during the workouts. He's always right there to tell me to push a little harder. I haven't done a session with Inde yet, but she is always at the gym with clients, and always friendly and willing to give advice. I find that it's easier for me to be accountable to someone who actually lives and does what they are asking from me, and Brian and Inde do just that.”

—  Charlotte M.

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